Goat project report 100+5

Goat project 100+5

Goat farming project report 100 +5

100 Does + 5 Buck Business plan

India has a very large and diverse genetic resource of goats. Goat plays a significant role in economic upliftment of rural poor. Consumption of goat meat (chevon) is increasing rapidly due to its social acceptability. This sector has tremendous potential in employment generation & poverty reduction. Before starting a Goat farm the entrepreneurs/ farmers are advised to under go   training on goat farming. They can contact Local Animal Husbandry Department staffs/Veterinary College/agriculture University etc. for the purpose. They should also visit progressive Goat farmers and government/ agricultural university goat farm in the locality. They must check the following points before starting a goat farming project 100+5.

1-Availability of good quality Parent stock in the locality 2-Marketing facility for goat & goat meat 3-Nearness of farm to veterinary hospital/Livestock Aid center 4-Availability of concentrates ,fodder & medicine in that locality.

Government subsidy available for these types of project– Back ended capital subsidy 25% for general category (33.33% for SC/ST/BPL beneficiaries) is available under government of India scheme Integrated Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits (IDSRR-EDEG). Subsidy ceiling is Rs250000/- for goat farm  with 100+5 animals.

Avail Bank loan and subsidy– In order to avail bank loan & subsidy under IDSRR-EDEG the entrepreneur/farmers are advised to contact local animal husbandry/veterinary officer. Animal resources development department is the facilitator deportment for above schemes.

This Goat project report 100+5 is based on the following assumption:-

1-   Adult healthy  Does & bucks of black Bengal breed within 2 years of age will be purchased

2-   Manure produced in the farm will be utilized for fodder cultivation

3-   In case of death of adult goats new animal will be purchased from insurance claim money

4-   The above project will be economically viable under proper care & attention of the entrepreneur.

Links to Techno economic parameters and flock projection chart

A-Capital cost(Amount in Rs.)
Construction low cost  Shed for 100does  @ 10sq.ft/adult Doe(Rs.200/sq.ft200000
 Construction of Shed for 5 bucks@15sq.ft/buck

(Rs.200sq.ft buck shed )

Construction of Shed for230 kids @4 sq.ft./ kids,(920sq.ft)@(Rs200./-sqft)184000
Equipment feeding trough buckets etc20000
Cost of 100 does@ 4500/doe450000
Cost of 5 bucks@7000/buck 35000
Borewell with a pump set800000
TOTAL CAPITAL COST                                                  949000
Working Capital
Wages for one  labour @6000/month  for 1 year72000
Cost of insurance 4% of the animal cost19400
Cost of concentrate feed for 100 does @6.75kg/month/doe for two months i.e  kg@18/kg24750
Cost of concentrate feed for 5bucks @7.5kg/adult animal for two months @ 18/kg 1350
Cost of concentrate feed for 230 kids@3.75 kg/kid /month i.e  900kg for  one month @18/kg16200
Fodder cultivation in 4 acres of land@6000/acre/season24000
Misc, expenditure,i.e. vaccine medicine and veterinary aid and electricity20000
Total Working Capital                                                              186000
TOTAL PROJECT COST              1135000
Margin money  @25% of the project cost283750
Bank loan@75% of the project cost    851250
CASH FLOWProject period (year) Amount in Rs.
Wages for  labour @200/day for 1 year720007200072000720007200072000
Cost of insurance 4% of the animal cost194001940019400194001940019400
Cost of concentrate feed for the buck does and kids409504095040950409504095040950
Fodder cultivation  of land@6000/acre/crop480004800048000480004800048000
Misc, expenditure i.e.  vaccine medicine and veterinary aid200002000020000200002000020000
Total expenditure200350200350200350200350200350200350
Sale price of male goats @3200/buckling368000368000368000368000368000
Sale price of female goats @3000/doeling345000345000345000345000345000
Sale price of gunny bag460460460460460460
Value of closing stock 100 does, 5buck, @ average 2500/adult& 230 kids @ 1500/kid607500
Value of shed (10% depreciation/year)159600
Value of equipment(20% depreciation /year) –
Gross profit-1998905131105131105131105131101280210

Calculation of BCR and IRR

Capital Costs949000
Recurring Cost200350200350200350200350200350200350
Total Costs1149350200350200350200350200350200350
Net Benefit-11488905131105131105131105131101280210
Sl noFinancial indicatorsEstimated valuePreferred value
1Net Present Worth (NPW)@15% DF828277.02Should be +ve
2Benefit-Cost Ratio(BCR)@15% DF1.52:1>1
3Internal Rate of return (IRR)29.57>15%
4Debt Service Credit Ratio (DSCR)2.48>1.5

Loan Repayment  for goat farm:- Repayment of loan will start after grace period of one year. Total loan repayment period is 6-7 years. Details of  monthly installment, interest payment, principal payment and balance  is given in repayment schedule for 100 goats

DISCLAIMER-The views expressed in this model project are advisory in nature. This website assumes no financial liability for anyone using this project report for any purpose.