Animal husbandry has tremendous potential for employment generation.Dairy farming. sheep farming, goat farming, poultry farming & pig farming provide an excellent opportunity for self-employment. This sector has a great role to play in poverty reduction and employment generation. Animal husbandry sector is growing at the rate of 4% per year double of agriculture. Besides providing superior protein through milk, meat & egg it provides drought power  & manure for agriculture. There is a very good scope of foreign investment in this sector. Animal farming can easily give a return of 20-30% per year. Animal husbandry is used as a tool by both central & state governments for poverty alleviation programmes. Several financial incentives are provided by the government for employment generation in the animal husbandry sector. Considering the immense potential of this sector this website has included several animal farming project reports for benefit of farmer/ entrepreneur. These reports have been prepared in NABARD project Report Format. Farmer/entrepreneur can visit https://compositefarming.in & post their questions after registration.

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