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Broiler farming

EC broiler poultry project report 10000 bird link

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This broiler farm  project 10000 birds  has been worked out subject to the following conditions:

  1. Hybrid Broiler Chicks will be purchased from commercial hatcheries for every batch.
  2. Sale price of finisher birds will change in accordance with change in purchase price of feed & chick .
  3. Bio-security measures must be strictly  adopted.
  4. The farm must be managed by the entrepreneur on scientific lines.
  5. The scheme is a broad guideline and is likely to vary as per the change in price/cost of various specified items
  6. The entrepreneur must  check the following points before starting a Broiler  farm.
  7. Availability of hybrid broiler chicks in local  market
  8. Nearness of the Farm to Veterinary Hospital, Animal disease diagnostic laboratory
  9. Marketing facility & demand of Broiler in local market
  10. Availability of broiler feed & medicine in their locality.
  11. Farm manger must undergo training on broiler poultry farming

SUBSIDY AVAILABLE FOR FARMERS FROM ODISHA: -Odisha farmer can avail subsidy for this type project under Mukhya Mantri Krushi Udyoga Yojana (MKUY) (APICOL). 50%  subsidy of capital expenditure with the limit of Rs1500000/- (Rupees fifteen lakhs)is available for broiler farm of  10000 capacity ST/SC and general women and degree holder of agriculture and allied sector. 40% subsidy with limit of Rs1300000/- (thirteen lakhs) is available for the male of general category.

Housing for broiler chicken

Floor –Pucca, smooth strong concrete cemented, impervious to moisture rodent proof ,and have slope towards door. Plinth should be 2ft. higher than ground.

 Walls-2ft. high lengthwise brick wall on sides,4ft wire netting above brick wall supported with angle iron. End wall should be solid made of bricks.

Doors –There should be two doors 4ft. wide and 6ft high opposite to each other.

Roof – 12-14ft. high at the center and 6ft. high on the side wall with 3ft. hang over beyond wall to prevent rain water from entering poultry house

broiler poultry house

Techno economic parameters for 10000 broiler is given in economic parameters for 10000 broiler

Capital cost (Amount in Rs.)
Land development @ 10000/- per acre  for one acre 10000
Fencing  lump sum 20000
Construction of Brooder cum grower house one sq.ft/bird for 10000 birds @Rs.300/sq.ft 3000000
Feed store 200sq.ft@400/sq.ft 80000
Office cum marketing room 12’x10’ @600/sq.ft 72000
Bore well 80000
 Submersible pump & Pipe lines to shed 50000
Overhead tank 30000
Equipments for 10000 birds @Rs.25/bird 250000
Electrification & electrical installation 60000
Refrigerator 15000
Working Capital
Cost of chicks 10300 @  RS.35/chick (5% extra for mortality  2% free fro hatchery ) 360500
Cost of concentrate feed@3.2kg/bird for10,000 birds @37/kg for first bath 1184000
Misc, expenditure i.e. electricity vaccine medicine insurance etc. including labour charge &  veterinary aid @Rs,5/bird/batch 50000
Contingency 38500
Total working capital 1633000
Total project cost 5300000
Margin money 25% of project cost 1325000
Bank loan 3975000
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