Vaccination in goats

The Importance of Vaccination in Goat Farming

vaccination in goats

Goat farming plays a crucial role in providing livelihoods for numerous farmers across the country. health and well-being of the goats is one important factor for success in goat farming, One essential aspect of goat healthcare is vaccination. It is one proactive measure that can safeguard goats against various diseases.

  1. PPR (Peste des Petits Ruminants): PPR is a highly contagious viral disease that affects all small ruminants.. Vaccination against PPR is highly essential. The vaccine helps prevent the spread of the disease and protects goats from PPR.
  2. Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD): FMD is another significant concern for goat farmers in India. The disease affects cloven-hoofed animals, including goats. This can lead to reduced milk production, weight loss, and lameness. Vaccination against FMD is essential to reduce its prevalence and protect goats.
  3. Goat Pox and Sheep Pox: These viral diseases can cause skin lesions, fever, and respiratory distress in goats. Vaccination against goat pox and sheep pox is essential for preventing the spread of these diseases and maintaining the health of the goats.
  4. Clostridial Diseases: Clostridial diseases, such as enterotoxemia (overeating disease) and tetanus, can pose a threat to goats. Vaccination against clostridial diseases is recommended to prevent these potentially fatal conditions.

CIRG recommendation for vaccination

Name of Disease Primary Vaccination Regular Vaccination
Anthrax At the age of 6 months for kid or lamb Once annually (in affected area only)
Haemorrhagic Septicemia (H.S.) At the age of 6 months for kid or lamb Once annually before monsoon
Enterotoxaemia At the age of 4 months for kid or lamb (if dam (female goat) is vaccinated) At the age of 1st week for kid or lamb (if dam is not vaccinated). Booster vaccination after 15 days of first vaccination. Before monsoon (preferably in May)
Black Quarter (B.Q) At the age of 6 months for kid or lamb Once annually (before monsoon)
Peste Des Petits Ruminanat (P.P.R.) At the age of 3 months for kid or lamb & above Once in every year
Foot & mouth disease (F.M.D.) At the age of 4 months for kid or lamb & above Twice in a year (September & March)
Goat Pox At the age of 3 months & above for Kid Once annually (December month)
C.C.P.P At the age of 3 months & above for Kid or lamb Once annually (January month)

Vaccination Practices and Recommendations

  1. Consultation with Veterinarians: Goat farmers should consult with veterinarians to create a tailored vaccination schedule for their goats.
  2. Proper Record-Keeping: Maintaining accurate records of vaccinations is essential for effective disease management. Farmers should keep track of the type of vaccine, date of vaccination..
  3. Storage and Handling: Proper storage and handling of vaccines are essential to maintaining their efficacy. Vaccines should be stored at the recommended temperature and protected from exposure to sunlight.


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