Rural Backyard Poultry Rearing

Government of Odisha assistance to Farmers through Rural backyard poultry rearing during the year 2022-23

Government of Odisha will provide assistance to lockdown affected farmers for Rural backyard poultry rearing under scheme “Livelihood Support to Farmers through Rural Backyard Poultry rearing during the year 2021-21 “. This scheme a 100% subsidized scheme. There is no loan component in this scheme.

Who can get this assistance?– Only ST/SC beneficiary

Documents required

  1. Identification Proof (Aadhaar Card)
  2. Bank A/C No. with IFS Code for DBT (Photocopy)

Components of the scheme-

Sl no particulars Cost in Rupees
1 Cost towards night shelter @ Rs.1000/- 500.00
2 Cost of 50 nos. of 2 week Old LIT birds @ Rs.65/- each (Rs.65/- X 50) 3,250.00 3250.00
Total 3750.00

About 50% of supplied birds will ne male & can be sold at the marketable age of about 6 months. Female birds will lay eggs for 1 years with around 150 eggs per year. A farmer can earn a profit of about Rs13000 from one unit.

Type of assistance– 1-Rs.500.00 will be deposited in bank account of farmer  towards construction of night shelter .

2-50 numbers of 4 weeks old unsexed backyard poultry chicks will be distributed to each farmer in two phases (25 + 25) with a gap of 3 months.

Government support for the scheme

  1. Farmer will be trained on poultry farming at block level

2.onrecommended management practices on feeding & watering, brooding and vaccination etc.

  1. The Livestock Inspectors, Gomitras and Prani Mitras of the that area will guide the

farmer in field for managing the poultry units.

  1. CDVO of concerned district will assist in procurement and supply of backyard chicks
  2. Veterinary health care services will be provided by field functionaries through ongoing

health care schemes and MVU Scheme.

  1. Routine vaccination of birds will be conducted on priority basis.
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