Goshala assistance

Assistance for establishment of New Stray Cattle Shelter Houses/ Goshalas under State Plan for the Financial Year 2023-24 Government of Odisha Scheme)

Goshala assistance Odisha

Jurisdiction of scheme- All over Odisha

Financial assistance available for the project- Government of Odisha will provide One time Capital Grant of Rs.16.00 lakh for Stray Cattle Shelter for a minimum unit size of 50 animals. Voluntary Organizations can avail funds for a maximum unit size of 150 animals i.e  Rs.48 Lakhs  for shelter house & Rupees 4 lakhs for bore well & boundary etc. The eligible financial assistance  will be released in two installments. The 1st Installment of 50% can be released after completion of the boundary wall/ Barbed wire fencing and construction of Animal Shelters and the remaining 50% as 2nd installment shall be released after completion of the full project.


1-Registered Voluntary Organizations/ institutions can avail the assistance

2- At least three years of experience of working in the area related to Animal Welfare activities is required.

3- Must be non profit NGO/institution·

4- It must have Managing Body with clearly defined powers, duties and responsibilities and  a written constitution. ·

5-The proposed Stray Cattle Shelter House/ Goshala should be situated in the State of Odisha. · The Goshalas should preferably be located near the urban areas .

6- The NGO/institution should have audited report of expenditure of the last three years by a registered Chartered Account.

7- Minimum size should be 50 cattle

6- Land must be available for fodder cultivation

Component of the project

Sl. Components Maximum Amount Admissible(Rs. in Lakhs)
1 Construction of Boundary Wall/ Barbed Wire Fencing 3
2 Construction of Construction of Animal Shelters/ Shed 13
Total for 50 animals 16Lakh


Assistance for ancillary infrastructure

Sl no Item Amount
1 Construction of Water Tank, Water Trough, Feeding Trough 50000
2 Dug Well/ Bore Well, Water Pump etc. 100000
3 Construction of Drains 50000
4 Construction of Attendant Shed and Store Room 150000
5 Electrification, Pathways etc 50000
Total 400000


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