Piggery entrepreneurship

Promotion of Piggery Entrepreneur

Jurisdiction of the Scheme -All over India

Under Government of india scheme “Promotion of Piggery Entrepreneur” 50%ubsidy is available on capital investment.

 Eligibility: Individuals/ Self Help Group (SHG)/Framers Producer organizations (FPO)/Farmers

Subsidy– The Central Government will provide 50% up to Rs. 30 lakh capital subsidy towards the capital cost of the project. The funding will be provided for the cost of housing, breeding animals along with transportation & insurance cost, equipment /machines. Remaining portion of project can be bank loan/self finance.

Salient Feature – The entrepreneur will be provided assistance from the establishment of a breeder farm with minimum 100 sow and 25 boars breeding animals from the Central or State Government/ university farms or local farmers with high genetic merit.

Subsidy will be the capital subsidy and provided in two equal instalments. First instalment will be released upfront to the scheduled bank or financial institutions like NCDC etc. by SIDBI to be credited to the Entrepreneur/ Eligible Entities’ account after the bank or financial institution releases First Instalment of loan to the beneficiary and its confirmation by State Implementing Agency. Beneficiaries will be eligible for release of the second instalment by SIDBI after completion of the project and certified so by the State Implementing Agency.

In case of the self-financing project, the project needs to be appraised by the bank where the Entrepreneurs/ Eligible Entity have account. The first instalment of 50% subsidy will be provided into the lending bank by SIDBI where the beneficiary has account. The subsidy will be released only when the beneficiary has made expenditure of 25% cost for the project towards infrastructure and has been verified by the State Implementing Agency. Remaining amount of 50% subsidy will be provided y SIDBI after completion of the project and verified by State Implementing Agency.

The Entrepreneurs / Eligible Entities interested in taking benefit under the entrepreneurship project in self-financing mode, need to provide Bank Guarantee from the scheduled bank valid for three years for the remaining cost of the project beyond the cost of subsidy sought for support. This Bank Guarantee shall be provided in the name of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying. The original Bank Guarantee is to be kept in the safe custody of the State Implementing Agency. Also a copy of the Bank Guarantee and a declaration form need to be uploaded in the online portal at the submission of the application or to be attached with the application.

Indicative list of items eligible for funding under piggery entrepreneurship (100 sow and 10 boar)

S.No Particulars Unit
A Construction of Pig Sty
1 Construction of shed for

Sow @20sqft per animal ( for 100 animals)

2000 sq.ft
2 Construction for boar unit @ 20 sqft per animal 700 sq.ft
3 Farrowing pen @ 80 sq.ft per sow for 50 sows (considering 50% of pigs are allows in farrowing) 4000 sq.ft
4 Cost of construction of

pens for piglets @10 sq. ft per piglet for 3000piglets

30000 sq.ft
5 Store room 500 sq.ft 500 sq.ft
B Cost for Piglets for breeding
1 Cost of 100 five months old gilt weighing about 50 kg 100 nos.
2 Cost of 10 six months old gilts weighing about 60 kg 10 nos.
C Other cost
1 Cost of Equipment For 110 nos. of animals
2 Equipment for piglets For 3000 nos.
3 Insurance charges (@7.5%) For 110 nos.
4 Veterinary Aid For 110 nos.
Total (C)
Total Cost A+B+C

The entrepreneur can register & apply at https://www.nlm.udyamimitra.in/

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