goat farm project report for 50 animals

Goat farm project report with 50 Does and 2 bucks

This goat farm project report for 50 animals is based on the following assumption:-

1-   Adult healthy  Does & bucks of black Bengal breed within 2 years of age will be purchased

2-   Manure produced in the farm will be utilized for fodder cultivation

3-   In case of death of adult goats new animal will be purchased from insurance claim money

4-   The above project will be economically viable under proper care & attention of the entrepreneur.

The farmer must check the following points before starting a goat farm.

Availability of good quality Parent stock in the locality

Marketing facility for goat & goat meat

Nearness of farm to veterinary hospital/Livestock Aid center

Availability of concentrates, fodder & medicine in that locality

Government subsidy for this type project– Back ended capital subsidy is available for this project subject to a ceiling of Rs 62500/- for a unit of  50+2 goats for APL farmers. under scheme IDSRR-EDEG. SC/ST/BPL farmers, people in notified difficult areas, farmers from  NE States including Sikkim can avail 33.33% subsidy with a ceiling of Rs 83225/- per  50 Ewe/Doe unit.  (Notified Difficult Areas like Leh, Ladakh, Kargil areas for, areas above 11,000 ft. height from mean sea level as well as difficult islands.)

Techno-economic parameters
Breed of GoatBlack Bengal
System of rearingSemi intensive
No. of Bucks2
No. of Does50
Age at Maturity (Months)10-12
Kidding/ interval (Months)8
No of kidding/year1.5
Kidding percentage90
Average litter size  (average of single, twinning, Triplet, quadruplet)2
Sex ratio1:1
Mortality(%) Kids15
Saleable age of kids (months)11
Expenditure norms
Space requirement sq ft.per head for Buck15 ,
Space requirement sq ft.per head for doe10
Space requirement sq ft.per head/kid4
Cost of construction (Rs.per sft)     Doe, Bucks ,Kids200
Cost of equipment (Rs.per adult animal)200
 Cost of green fodder cultivation (Rs./acre/season)6000
Concentrate feed : Adult does

(one month before breeding and one month after kidding i.e. per kidding)

6.75 kg per month
Concentrate feed for Bucks (two months per breeding season)7.5 kg per month
Concentrate feed for Kids (for 30 days)3.75 kg per kid
Cost of conc. feed (Rs./kg)18
Labour (No.)Family
Insurance (as percentage of the cost of breeding stock)5
Veterinary aid (Rs./adult/year)50
Income norms :
Sale price of Buck/(11month)3200
Sale price of Doe/(11month)3000
Income from manure is not assumed as it is used on the own farm for fodder cultivation.
Sale of Gunnyu bags (Rs./bag)10
Repayment norms:
Repayment period (years)6
Grace Period (years)1
Interest rate(%)12

Flock projection for 50 black bengal goat farm is given in  FLOCK PROJECTION CHART 50 GOATS

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