Broiler farming 500 birds

500 Broiler

Scheme:- Support to Farmers for Broiler Farming (500 Bird Capacity) under Deep

Litter System in Individual Mode during the year 2023-24


Unit cost of 500 birds under Broiler Scheme is Rs.1,80,000.00

Subsidy amount @ 40% amounts to Rs.72,000.00

Share of farmers @ 60% amounts to Rs.1,08,000.00


The willing farmers/ migrants/ entrepreneurs/ SC/ ST/ individual members of WSHG.

Priority will be given to improve the livelihood of migrant workers of the state who

have suffered serious economic loss and are in distress.

Documents Required :-

  1. Identification Proof (Aadhaar Card)
  2. Land Document / Lease Deed (Photocopy)
  3. 60% of Project Cost to be Self-Financed / Bank Loan
  4. If Bank Loan, Consent Letter from Bank
  5. Bank A/C No. with IFS Code for DBT (Photocopy)
  6. Self-Declaration with reference to member of WSHG
  Items   Investment Cost in Rs.
  Cost of day Old Chicks @ Rs.38/- each (Rs.38.00 X 500) 19000
  Cost of Poultry Shed 500 Sq. Ft. @ Rs.200/- per Sq. Ft 100000
  Total cost of feed for 500 birds @ 3.5 KG per bird/30/Kg 52500
  Cost of Equipment @ Rs.8/- per Bird 4000
  5 Cost of Medicine, Vaccine @ Rs.8/- per Bird 4000
  6 Cost towards litter material 5000
  Total project cost 180000
  Subsidy 72000
  Loan/own fund 108000

 Financial Assistance  is deposited in farmers account through DBT in two phases

  1. Rs.0.72 lakh/- as back ended subsidy per farmer in total
  2. Phase-I (40% of Rs.0.72 lakh i.e. Rs.28,800/-) after completion of poultry shed
  3. Phase-II (60% of Rs.0.72 lakh i.e. Rs.43,200/-) after stocking of birds.

How to apply:-Farmers can apply for 500 broiler unit in deep litter system by using any one of the three methods.

1- Direct online application – Register and upload required documents in website

2- Submit your offline application through your Block Veterinary Officer

3- Through common service center (CSC)

Total 4120 farmers will be benefited by this scheme in year 2021-22

Government support for the scheme

  1. Farmer will be trained on broiler farming at Regional / District / Block level.
  2. Farmer will be trained on construction of poultry houses,

recommended management practices on feeding & watering, brooding and rearing

young chicks, record keeping, etc.

  1. The Livestock Inspectors, Gomitras and Prani Mitras of the that area will guide the

farmer in field for managing the Broiler units.

  1. CDVO of concerned district will assist in procurement and supply of chicks.
  2. Veterinary health care services will be provided by field functionaries through ongoing health care schemes and MVU Scheme.
  1. Routine vaccination of birds will be conducted on priority basis.
  2. Government will provide assistance in marketing of surplus meat.
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