Goat Farming through Women SHGs

Capacity- 30+2 (30 doe +2 buck)

Project cost- Rs230000.

Subsidy -50% of unit cost- Rs.1,15,000/–

SHG share/Bank loan  50% of unit cost-Rs.115000/-

Eligibility : Only Women SHG will be eligible to avail subsidy

Release of subsidy- 1st Installment Subsidy (40%) Rs.46,000/– will be released after construction of building  2nd 1st Installment Subsidy (60%) Rs.69,000/– will be released after procurement of animals.

Documents Required :

  • Identity Proof (Aadhaar Card)
  • Photocopy of Land Document / Lease Deed
  • 50% of Project Cost to be Self-Financed / Bank Loan
  • If Bank Loan, Consent Letter from Bank
  • Photocopy of Bank passbook showing A/C No. with IFS Code for DBT
  • Self-Declaration with reference of WSHG
Components Amount
(In Rs.)
Cost of buck & doe (6–7 months) @ Rs.6,000/–, Female (5–6 months) @ Rs.5,000/- 1,62,000/–
Insurance @ 7.5 % for 32 animals 12,150/–
utensils, medicines,               Nutritional

supplements, Deworming, transportation cost etc.

Construction  of Low-cost  Shed @ Rs.100/– per sq.ft. for 450 sq.ft. 45,000/–
Total project cost 230000

Scheme- State plan of Odisha government

Jurisdiction of scheme- All over Odisha

How to Apply- women SHG can submit Application with document at the office of Block veterinary officer/ Office of mission shakti

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