MKUY project list horticulture sector


  Horticulture Sector  
1 Commercial Floriculture and/or Processing Protected condition (Permanent structure) / Open condition-

Perennial crops

2 Commercial Plantation crops Cultivation and/or


Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Cocoa,

Cashew and Oil palm

3 Commercial Fruit Cultivation and/or Processing Including Dragon fruit, Aonla, Bael, Tamarind, and Jack


Perennial Fruit Crops only (Except Banana, Papaya, Pineapple,

strawberry etc)

4 Cultivation and processing of Moringa  
5 Cashew processing and other cashew based Industry  
6 Coir based industry  
7 Coconut based products  
8 Apiary (Bee keeping)  
9 Honey Processing Units  
10 Production of Squash, Jam, Jelly, Pickle, Sauce, Puree,

Ketchup etc of different fruits &/or vegetables

11 Fruit / Vegetable Pulp Extraction  
12 Vegetables & Spices based industry  
13 Dehydration and Canning of vegetables  
14 Frozen Fruits and Vegetables  
15 Cultivation and / or processing / value addition of mushroom (PSM, Oyster etc) With permanent infrastructure.
16 Mushroom Spawn Production Unit  
17 Button Mushroom Production &/or Processing  
18 Cultivation under Protected structures (Green / Glass

House, Poly House, Shade net house, Poly tunnel etc)

With permanent structure.
19 Extraction of essence / oil from flowers, roots, leaves and branches  
20 Processing of fruits and vegetables  
21 Hydroponic/ Aeroponic units  
22 Cultivation (Perennial crops only), Handling & Processing of Medicinal/Aromatic Plants(for Stevia

processing and its related infrastructure)

23 Nursery Establishment With permanent infrastructure
24 Onion Storage Structure With permanent infrastructure.
25 Ripening Chamber  
26 Tree Borne Oilseeds Processing  
27 Vermiculture / Vermicomposting and Marketing  
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