MKUY project list Animal farming

List of mkuy projects in animal husbandry/veterinary sector

  Animal husbandry sector  
1 Commercial Meat & Egg Production- A-Commercial Broiler Farming

B- Commercial Layer Farming

C- Commercial Sheep/Goat Farming

D- Commercial Pig Farming

E. Commercial Duck Farming

2 Commercial calf rearing center CB/graded/indigenous established breed female calf
3 Commercial Dairy Farming CB/graded/indigenous established

cow breed / graded Buffaloes

4 Veterinary Clinic  
5 Milk Processing Unit  
6 Meat Processing Unit  
7 Egg Processing Unit  
8 Poultry Hatchery and / or Breeders Farm  
9 Commercial Silage &/ or Fodder Block Making Unit  
10 Animal / Poultry Feed Plant  
11 Commercial Modern Slaughter House  
12 Pathology Labs for Veterinary Services  
13 Manufacturing of Ice Cream utilizing at least 100 litres

of milk per day

14 Biogas plants producing both biogas and bio-fertilizers  
15 Milk Tanker with vehicle  
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