MKUY project list agriculture




Name of the Projects Minimum Requirement
  Agriculture Sector  
1 Agro Service Centre Entrepreneur can choose any seven machineries out of SLTC approved list of DA&FP. If the entrepreneur will not opt for Tractor, he should upload a document on valid ownership of tractor for tractor driven machineries. Subsidy Capping for tractor / power tiller will be as per DA & FP.The subsidy limit for tractors up to 40 HP will be as per norm of DA&FP i.e. Rs.90,000/- and that of above 40 HP will be Rs.1,20,000/-.Purchase of trailer will be allowed along with the tractor. Purchase of trailer only is not permitted.Tractor registered in the name of spouse will be considered for exemption of purchase of Tractor.
2 Agri- Clinic and Agri- Business Centre  
3 Soil Testing Laboratory  
4 Bio fertilizer Production and Marketing  
5 Organic Fertilizer Production and Marketing Permanent structure
6 Bagasse based Industry  
7 Jute based industry  
8 Food Products Based on Soya bean  
9 Pulse processing and derivatives industries  
10 Groundnut Processing / Marketing  
11 Maize Processing Unit  
12 Ragi, Small Millets, Coarse Cereal Processing  
13 Mechanized Jaggery(Gur) Production Unit  
14 Seed Processing Plant  
15 Oil Extraction Mill / Oil seed processing unit  
16 Product out of crop residue  
17 Ginning & Pressing Mill for Cotton  
18 Tissue Culture Laboratory  
19 Bio pesticides/Bio control agent producing unit  
20 Bakery & Confectionary  
21 Mechanized packaging units with facilities for

processing of agri& allied products

22 Integrated Agri logistics Infrastructure & hubs for

marketing and export

23 Sea port/Air cargo complex for perishable agri and allied  
24 Manufacturing of Farm Machineries & Equipment  
25 Rubberized Rice Shelling Mills For processing of organic and

Aromatic rice

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