List of interdepartmental MKUY projects

  Inter Departmental Sectors  
1 Export oriented agriculture, horticulture, fisheries &

ARD projects—A/H/F/V

2 Refrigerated Van-V/F/H  
3 Agro-eco Tourism-A/F  
4 Cold Storage / Cold Room / Pre Cooling Chamber- for storing of Horti / ARD/ Fishery products -H/F/V  
5 Integrated Farming-V/A/F/H Any combination of enterprises inter

/ intra-sectors / departments

6 Enzymes, Vitamins and other similar products out of

agri, horti, fish and animal products- A/H/V/F

7 Mechanized sorting, grading and packing of agricultural

/ horticultural products-A/H

8 Technology up-gradation / modernization / expansion of existing agro based industries and food processing

industries- A/H/V/F

9 Cereals/Pulses/Fruits/Vegetables based Ready To

Serve/Ready To Eat Food Items except carbonated/aerated drinks-A/H

10 Solar Cold storage for storing of Horti / ARD/ Fishery

products -H/F/V

11 Cold chain logistics for maintenance of cold chain of Agri/ Horti/ Fisheries & ARD produce- A/H/F/V  
12. Rural Godown/ Multipurpose Warehouse/Modern Silos

for storing of Agri / Horti / ARD/ Fishery products. – A/H/F/V

13. Commercial Organic Farming units in

Agri/Horti/Fisheries/ARD sectors-A/H/F/V

Perennial crops and permanent

structures only

14 Post-harvest management and/or Processing of Agri/Horti/ Fisheries/ ARD/ Forest produce with modern

scientific technologies- A/H/F/V

15 Rural technology and renewable energy systems for Agriculture/ Horticulture/Fisheries/ARD/Agro & Food

Processing Products. A/H/F/V

16 Integrated Enterprise -A/H/F/V  
17 Manufacturing of Farm Machinery, equipment, and durable farm assets viz: Irrigation Systems, Drones, Farm Smart agri-solutions, Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Bio-Floc, Feeder, Drinker, Cladding and Mulching

materials, Nursery Tray, etc. -A/H/F/V

18 Manufacturing of packaging materials used for agri and allied produces viz: Poultry Egg Trays, Fish Ice Box, Fruit/ Flower/ Vegetable Caps, seed packaging, etc. – A/H/F/V  
19 Sericulture(Mulberry Cultivation and silk worm rearing)  
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