Jamunapari goat farming

Jamunapari  is the best dairy goat breed of India. This  breed originated from Indian sub-continent. It is a very good breed for commercial farming. It can be used both for both milk and meat production. Home tract of this breed is between Jamuna, Ganges and Chambal Rivers of Uttar Pradesh. Daily milk yield of Jamunapari varies from 1.8 to 2 liters. This breed is not very prolific. Twining is only 40% and single birth is 60%. Kidding interval is about one year. This is a heavy goat breed.  Adult male goat weighs about 55-65 kg and female 45-55 Kg. Colour of this breed is white brown and mixed colour. Ears are long  and drooping. Udder is well developed and teats are long : legs are long with long hair on back thigh .Horns are short and backwardly directed. Nose is highly convex with a tuft of hair on it. This breed loves browsing and spends about eight hours in grazing .Semi intensive system of rearing is best suited for this breed. This breed is mostly used for milk production.


CIRG, Mathura recommends clay floor for goat house in hot and dry regions.

Jamunapari goats


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