Integrated farming projects

Conventional cropping System (CCS) has become unstable in recent years & is no more lucrative. Crop diversification is necessary to increase income generation of the farmer. Integration of animal farming with agriculture & fish farming can give sustainability to unstable agriculture. It will increase profit margin of the farmer & will reduce risk in agriculture. Main objective of Integrated farming system is to increase farmer’s income, IFS has several advantages.

  1. There recycling of nutrient produced from crop and animal wastes. It helps in pollution control
  2. It Minimizes the nutrient losses
  3. There is increase in productivity
  4. Profit margin of farmer increases
  5. IFS system is sustainable
  6. FS produces balanced food round the year
  7. It helps in employment generation

Live-stock cum fish farming

Some   sustainable IFS projects are given below

  1. Broiler poultry & Pisciculture/Aquaculture
  2. Layer poultry & Pisciculture/aquaculture
  3. Duck farm & Fish Culture
  4. Pig & Pisciculture/aquaculture
  5. Cattle &Pisciculture/aquaculture
  6. Goat & Pisciculture/aquaculture

This website will include project reportS on integrated farming system very soon.

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