economic parameters 10000 broiler

Economic parameters for 10,000 broiler

Batch size 10000+5% extra
Batch interval 52 days(45 days  +7 days cleaning)
Mortality of birds 5%
Cycle size 10000
Cost of day old chick Rs.35
Cost of kg of feed Rs.37.00
Cost of equipment( drinkers feeders etc.) Rs.20/bird
Cost of insurance medicine vaccine  labour charge etc. Rs.5/bird/batch
No of  batches/year introduced first year 6
No of  batches /year(sold) 6
No of batch introduced 2-7 years 7
No of batch sold  2-7 years 7
Cost of kg of live broiler Rs.93
Average wt. of bird at the time of sale 2kg
Feed requirement to attain  2 kg body weight 3.2kg
Rearing period 42 days
Cleaning period One week
Interest rate 12%/year
Repayment period 6 years
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