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Project cost -dairy farm project report  p-2Cost. In Rs.
Capital cost
Cow shed for 2 cows 40sq.ft/cow @300/sqft24000
Calf pen for 2 calves 20 sq.ft./calf @300/sq.ft.12000
Cost of 2 CB cows with minimum average 10 liter milk yield /day @30000/cow (as per govt. norm @ 3500/ liter of milk yield/cow)70000
Cost of transportation @1000/cow2000
Cost of one chaff cutter hand operated10000
Cost of dairy appliances @ 1500/cow3000
Cost of feed for first batch of  one cows for one month as per feed chart3180
Cost of insurance  2 animals @5% of animal cost3500
Cost of fodder cultivation in 0.5 acres of land for first session6000
Cost of medicine vaccine, electricity for the first cow2000
Total recurring expenditure19000
ParticularsProject period
Feeding during lactation period vide yearly lactation days and feed cost as per chart468705341050140457804578050140
Feeding during dry period vide dry days and feed cost as per feed chart enclosed55001150013000150001500013000
Medicine vaccine veterinary aid400040004000400040004000
Insurance @5% of animal cost /year350035003500350035003500
Cost of fodder cultivation120001200012000120001200012000
other miscellaneous expenditure400040004000400040004000
Sale  of milk @Rs.32/liter during lactation days with average milk yield /10  liter/day137600156800147200134400134400147200
Sale of gunny bags420460450420420440
Manure will be utilized in own farm
Value of closing stock of 2cows(Depreciation on animal cost @10%/year)28000
Value of building (Depreciation on building@10%/year)14400
Value of equipment

(Depreciation on equipment @15%/year)

Total income138020157260147650134820134820190340
Gross profit6215068850610105054050540103700
Calculation of BCR & IRR
Capital Costs121000
Recurring Cost758708841086640842808428086640
Total Costs1968708841086640842808428086640
Net Benefit-5885068850610105054050540103700
Sl noFinancial indicatorsEstimated valuePreferred value
1.PW costs @ 15%DF422555.45
2.PW benefits @ 15%DF562413.19
3.Net Present Worth (NPW139857.74Should be+ve
4.Benefit Cost Ratio(BCR)1.33:1>1
5.Internal Rate of return (IRR)39.37>15%
6.Debt Service Coverage Ratio2.11>1.5

Repayment of loan:– Repayment of loan will start after grace period of six months. Total loan repayment period is 6-7 years. Details of  monthly installment, interest payment, principal payment and balance  is given in repayment schedule for 2 cows

updated as per new DEDS unit cost 2018-19

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