Barbari goat breed

Barbari goat breed is an ideal breed for commercial rearing. This breed is known for good productivity. It is used for both  milk and meat production. This breed is ideal for rearing in semi arid regions. Barbari goats are medium sized animals with compact body. These goats are prolific with 60% twining rate. Colour of this breed is generally white with brown spots. Horns  are twisted and medium length. Udder is well developed with conical teats. These goats are good producer of milk. Average milk yield is 0.8 liters for day and lactation length is 130 days. Kid mortality is low in this breed due to sufficient milk production  Age at first kidding of these goats is 12-14 months. . In India these goats are found in Agra, Mathura ,Etah , Aligarh of UP and parts of Rajastan and Gujurat.

Project report Barbari farm


Floor of the goat house in the above  video is made of clay. Clay floor is ideal  for goat house in hot and dry regions. This keeps goat house cool  in summer.