Entrepreneurship development programme of Subarnapur district

Dr Ashesa Kumar Kar imparting training

General Manager District Industrial Center Subarnapur had organised a 15-day entrepreneurship development program. I joined the programme as a resource person and imparted training to the budding entrepreneurs of the district. The animal husbandry sector has enormous potential for self-employment generation. Subarnapur is notable for its surplus  egg and meat production. The poultry industry is growing rapidly in Subarnapur district. Egg production in Subarnapur district is more than double of the national average and more than three times the state average. Discussed with trainees about opportunities in the animal farming sector and  also about various subsidy schemes of the government. Some budding entrepreneurs expressed their interest in EC broiler farming. Several EC broiler farms have been established in this district during the past year. Because of its high profit margins and low labour requirements, EC poultry farming is gaining popularity.


Training programme on Biofloc technology-BFT

Training programme on Biofloc technology,BFT

Attended inauguration session of Training programme on Biofloc technology(BFT) as a guest. Senior scientist KVK Puri attended the programme as a subject matter expert. DFO, Scientist KVK Sonepur, fishery officers & Bio flock farmer  attended the programme, I addressed the participants on pros & cons of bio flock fish farming. Biofloc farming is gaining popularity due the following reasons.

1- Biofloc system of fish rearing is eco friendly

2-It reduces water pollution

3- Feed conversation ratio (FCR)  is efficient in Bio flock fish rearing. Only 1.2 kg feed required to produce 1 KG of live fish.

4- Less chance of disease spread in bio flock system

5 – Maintenance of bio-security is easier in bio-flock system

6- Less space is requirement. biofloc system.

7-Higher productivity per unit area in comparison to conventional method of fish farming

8- Survival rate & growth is more

9- Water exchange is very little in biofloc system

10- Less requirement of high cost & high protein feed

1` Harvesting  of fish is easier from bio flock system

This training programme will definitely enhance scientific knowledge and skill of bio flock fish farmers of Subarnapur district

Biofloc fish farming training, advantages of biofloc fish farming, Biofloc technology, BFT

Subsidy schemes in animal husbandry sector

Some links to animal  farming subsidy schemes of government of India & Government of Odisha

  1. Rural Poultry Entrepreneurship

(1000 poultry parent stock to get 500 hatching egg per day)

  1. Hatchery for hatching 3000 hatching egg / week

to get 2250 day old chick (doc)  & mother unit for brooding 2000 chicks upto 4weeks

  1. Sheep and goat entrepreneurship for establishment of breeder goat farm of 500 females and 25maleSheep and Goat
  2. Piggery entrepreneurship (100 sow and 10 boar)
  3. Silage making unit for entrepreneurs (Production capacity 2000-2400 MT per annum)

6.Fodder block making unit for entrepreneurship (30 MT/day)

For above schemes apply here https://nlm.udyamimitra.in/

Subsidy schemes of Government of Odisha

1.Mukhya Mantri Krushi Udyoga Yojana

2.Support to Farmers for Broiler Farming (500 Bird Capacity) under Deep Litter System in Individual Mode (2021-22)

3.Support to Farmers for Broiler Farming (1000 Bird Capacity) under Deep Litter System in WSHG Mode (2022-23)

4.Support to Farmers for Layer Farming (1000 Bird Capacity) in Cage System in Individual Mode (2022-23)

5.Livelihood Support to Farmers through Duck Farming (2022-23)

6.Livelihood Support to Farmers through Rural Backyard Poultry Rearing

7-Assistance for establishment of New Stray Cattle Shelter Houses/ Goshalas under State Plan for the Financial Year 2022-23 

8-Mini Poultry feed mill

9-Semi commercial pig farming

10- Semi commercial duck farming

11- Goat farming through women SHG

12-Support to Farmers for Broiler Farming (500 Bird Capacity) under Deep Litter System in Individual Mode (2022-23)

13-Support to Farmers for Broiler Farming (1000 Bird Capacity) under Deep Litter System in WSHG Mode (2022-23)

14-Support to Farmers for Layer Farming (1000 Bird Capacity) in Cage System in Individual Mode (2022-23)

15-Livelihood Support to Farmers through Duck Farming (2022-23)

16-Livelihood Support to Farmers through Rural Backyard Poultry Rearing

Apply here for state plan schemes under government of Odisha. Sugam Portal

Certificate distribution ceremony for the “Diploma in Agriculture Extension Services for Input Dealers (DAESI)

dr ashesa kumar kar odishavet

Attended the certificate distribution ceremony for the “Diploma in Agriculture Extension Services for Input Dealers (DAESI)” organised at the FIAC Training Hall in Subarnapur. Sri Lalit Kumar Sahu was the course coordinator for the diploma course. The programme was well organized. ADAO Dunguripali, PD Watershed, BAO Tarava, Scientist KVK, and other officers attended the programme. Certificates and trophies were distributed to 40 successful candidates. These input dealers received their diplomas after one year of course work. Now agriculture and allied sectors will use the knowledge and expertise of these input dealers for the extension programmes of their departments. The success rate in this diploma programme was 100%. The work done by the course coordinator and his team is highly commendable.

dr ashesa kumar kar blog
Dr Ashesa Kumar Kar distributing Diploma & Trophy to a successful input dealer


Attended district level convergence meeting on rainfed area development at RKVY conference Hall Subarnapur.. CDAO, PD Watershed, Senior scientist cum head KVK,DFO & field staffs of Agriculture & allied sector attended the meeting. There was discussion on sustainable, remunerative and climate resilient agriculture. Emphasis was given on  promoting location specific Integrated/Composite Farming Systems; It was decided to give more stress on dairy, small ruminant ,Horticulture & fishery based integrated farming systems.


Training cum farmer’s fair on Jal shakti abhiyan at KVK Subarnapur

dr ashesa kumar kar odishavet
Jal shakti abhiyan at KVK Subarnapur

Attended training cum farmer’s fair on Jal shakti abhiyan as a resource person on 11th November 2022 at KVK conference hall, Subarnapur. PD watershed, Senor scientist Cum head KVK,DFO .CDAO Sonepur ,and other officers attended the programme. Ministry of Jal Shakti is observing  a nation-wide campaign “Jal Shakti Abhiyan: with a focus on saving and conserving rainwater. Theme for the programme is “Catch the rain, where it falls, when it falls” Farmers of the district were trained on rainwater harvesting & conservation of water.

EC Broiler farm project report 15000 link

I have uploaded project report for EC broiler poultry farming for 1500 bids in website https://odishavet.com . I shall upload some more project reports on EC Broiler farming in the website. Link to the webpage for EC broiler project report is given below. Please visit the page and give your feedback.



EC Broiler project link
Inner view ec broiler farm odishavet with birds


Anupama Integrated farm is a successful integrated farm of Subarnapur district established under Mukhyamantri Krushi Udyoga Yojana & Matsya Pokhari Yojana of Government of Odisha. It is located in the lap of nature at village Harinapali of Ulunda block. On 17th October District Magistrate & Collector Subarnapur Mrs. Aboli Sunil Naravane, IAS visited the farm along with some officers of the district.  I was the member of the team & apprised DM & Collector Subarnapur about the project.

Dr Ashesa Kumar Kar apprising Collector & DM Subarnapur

The project is managed by Sri Amryta Narayan Bisi, who is an agriculture gradate. The farm consists of an EC broiler farm of 15000 capacity, Fish pond of 1.2 hector, a mushroom farm of 1000 beds & Dairy farm of 20 animals. Project cost of the farm is 1.18 Crore. The entrepreneur is making a net profit of  3-4 lakh rupees per month from the  project .The Dairy farm is incomplete till date. Profit margin will increase to 4-5 lakh per month after completion of dairy farm. The entrepreneur has given employment to ten persons in his farm. He has plan to start an Eco Turisim Center  inside the farm complex. District Magistrate & Collector was highly impressed with the success of the farmer. She has portrayed the story in official instagram account of District administration Subarnapur @transformingsubarnapur .

Collector & DM Subarnapur Mrs. Aboli Sunil Naravane, IAS with family members of the entrepreneur & Government Officers

71st Go Sambardhana Utshav Subarnapur

The Animal Resources Development Department of Subarnapur district celebrated the 71st Go Sambardhana Utshav at Dunguripali in Subarnapur district on November 1, 2022. The program’s Chief Guest was the honourable Cabinet Minister of Finance and Parliamentary Affairs, Shri Niranjan Pujari. President Zilla Parishad Subarnapur Smt.Supara Thela attended the program as  guest of honor,.

Go pujan

I had the opportunity to address the gathering as Chief Speaker.  The programme was attended by the CDVO. Deputy Director, DFO, ADVO, BVO, and all VASs of the district.About 350 dairy farmers and WSHG members were present at the meeting. The main objective of the programme is to create awareness among the public about the benefits of dairy farming and cattle rearing. The ARD Department celebrates Go Sambardhana every year between Gosatastami and Gobardhana Purja.



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