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Hello sir
I live in pune and read your article on internet.. very useful information. Wanted to ask you a that how many sq feet area would be required for 1000 birds. According to that i would plan my project. And you also mentioned that price of live broiler per kg is 78 rs.. plz tell me the company name which would buy at this rate
Plz reply
Thank you Abhishek Ghorpade

Dear Mr.Abhisek

You need one sq,ft floor space/bird for your broiler farm. Price of live broiler varies from Rs.60- Rs.110 .Broiler market price depends on several factor. Price given in this project report is average one. Project report of this website are advisory in nature. Since cost of inputs and output varies from places to places .You are advised to contact your local expert for DPR suitable for your locality.

Respected sir,
I want to start poultry farms in my area , could u give any assistance about   subsidy , loan available to me , so can u plz guide me , plz do  needful.

Thanking u
Sincerely urs
Y L N Reddy

Ph:- +919*******09

Dear MMr. Lakshminarayana Reddy

I  neither  provide loan  nor subsidy. You can contact your local bank for purpose of loan. Concerned bank will claim subsidy  from NABARD. You can avail subsidy for poultry farm up to 20000 capacity.

Dear sir

I want to start dairy farming in patna Bihar.we need some training and bank lone.

How can take training & lone.

Please help me sir

Sammi Ranjan  Mob-95******2
Dear Mr. sammi ranjan

Please follow the link to know procedure of availing loan.


For training on dairy farming contact your local veterinary officer.

Hi sir
Myself ..mahesh from andhra pradesh
I did diploma in  electrical and electronics engineering..and i am doing job in power plant ..
Recently i lose my dady in an accident.

For that i decided to go home and start a buffalo dairy form for that please guide me how to start dairy form and give me instructions for that..
Kindly i am requesting you sir..

Thanking you sir..

                                  Mahesh Prince

Dear Mr. Mahesh

Please follow the link to know procedure of availing loan.

Sir, My name is  jyoti Deka.
From Assam guwahati.plz sanction one Poultry fram loan.70******01

Dear Mr.Jyoti

I am not a banker. Please contact your local bank for loan. To know the procedure of loan and subsidy please follow the link.

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