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I want to establish a poultry farm of 2000 birds. I want to know that, what difference should be maintained from the locality.I also want to know that what difference should be maintained for sitting a poultry farm(2000birds) from a primary school.

yours faithfully

Soumabrata Mitra

Dear Mr.Soumabrata

I am giving below important guideline  of central pollution control board. For detail information contact your local veterinary officer.

All Poultry Farms shall be set up as per following Sitting Criteria:-

  1. .500 meters from residential zone
  2. The poultry farm shall not be located within;
  3. 200 meters from major water source .
  4. 1000 meters from any major drinking water reservoir on catchment side .
  5. ‘100 meters from any drinking water source like wells, summer tanks,storage tanks,
  6. 500 meters from nearby poultry, dairy or another livestock enterprisers or Industry .
  7. 20 meters from farm boundary

The poultry sheds shall not be located within;

  • 200 meters from public roads .
  • 20 meters from other sheds on the same farm .
  • 100 meters from any other dwelling on the same property

Dear sir
I wish to kindly request a poultry project report for 2000 layers and 2000 broilers. I would like to use these reports for seeking finance to establish the farm. please include costs of automatic cages and housing  by Hellman poultry equipments from Germany.

Bakari Ramadhan

Dear Mr.Ramadhan

Cost of inputs and output varies from places to place. Please contact your local experts for customized project report suitable for your area. Project report given in this website is only advisory in nature.


I am Mr. Pravanshu Sekhar Behera belongs to Basudevpur, Bhadrak District of Odisa interested to open Poultry farm at our area. request to know about the subsidy against the same and which finanlcial institution is providing the subsidy please let me know.


P. S. Behera

Dear Mr.PraPrabhansu

You can avail loan under GOI Scheme PVCF(EDEG) and get subsidy 25% -33% of project cost as per catagory. Contact Chief District Veterinary Officer ,Bhadrak for training and other details.

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